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We are Experts at Engine Diagnostics, Tune up, Engine Service, Belts - Hoses, and Timing Chain - Belt Replacement.


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At Parkland Transmission, we .... Have been Fixing Clutch & Manual Transmission Problems since 1976

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Welcome To Parkland Transmission and Auto Repair!

Parkland Transmission and Auto Repair has been serving the Greater Tacoma area for Thirty Seven Years. We pride ourselves on providing friendly, honest auto repair and transmission repair services at affordable prices.

We are highly experienced in Auto Repair and Transmission Re-building. 

Unlike most shops, Parkland Transmissions can provide transmission repairs as well as replacement, because we do complete in-house transmission tear-downs and repairs. So, if you only need transmission or clutch repairs, we are the place to call.

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When was the Last Time you Serviced Your Transmission?

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Did you Know ..... That one of the Biggest Cause of TRANSMISSION FAILURE is Lack of Service. Automatic Transmissions have filters that need to be changed to keep your transmission running smoothly and to prolong it's life. Fluids also degrade with time and mileage, so it's a good idea to give us a call to discuss service intervals for your vehicles transmission.

Manual transmissions have Clutch Plates that wear with time and mileage. It is much more affordable to service and replace them, than it is to wear them completely out and cause other damage to your manual transmission.

When was the Last Time you Serviced Your Brakes?


Did you Know ..... That one of the Biggest Automotive Safety Issues is Lack of Brake Service. Your cars brakes need to be checked at least every 40,000 miles to make sure that they are in good working order and safe. Brake Fluids also degrade with time and mileage, so it's a good idea to give us a call to discuss service intervals for your vehicles brake pads, rotors, calipers or drums, and brake fluids.

Remember, your front brakes usually wear much faster with time and mileage than your rear brakes, and it is much more affordable to replace brake pads before they damage expensive brake rotors.
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When was the Last Time you had your car Tuned Up?


Auto Tune Up equals better fuel economy! Most car owners don't realize just how much fuel economy they are losing due to an engine that needs a Tune-up. Tuning Up your car can save lots of money at the gas pump. It is not uncommon to see mileage increases of 2% to 6% after a complete tune up.
At Parkland Transmission and Auto Repair we are experts at auto performance and tuning. We perform complete diagnostic to determine what components are costing you fuel mileage and what components need replacing. We clean fuel throttle bodies and injectors if necessary, which can make a big difference in performance. Give us a call to schedule a Tune Up today

We fix all makes and models.


You may not own a duce & 1/2, but if you have a custom car, asian, domestic, or european make that needs repairs, Parkland Transmission & Auto Repair is the place to go.